Jun 7, 2009

Getting Back on the Wagon...

For the past two weeks, I've been eating lean and light. I'm so proud of myself. I unconsciously began to make better food choices, even when I had tasty, but less healthier options. This is a big change for me! Unfortunately, the past two days I have fallen off the wagon. I have been eating more and less healthier. I could definitely feel the difference in my energy.

I am determined not to return back to my bad habits! Today, I got back on track.
Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese and orange juice
Lunch: Banana and water
Dinner: Sushi

I won't be eating anything else tonight. I'm not willing to follow a cookie cutter eating plan, but I would like to know more about "superfoods," foods that are extremely good for you and revs up your energy. I need more energy!

Best wishes

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