Jun 19, 2009


Ok...So, I haven't posted in a while. School and work has been kicking my butt. Fortunately, my classes end next week (Yay!).

I have decided to go on the Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith from Celebrity Fit Club. I bought his book months ago but got the motivation to actually try the program after reading a young lady's story in Essence magazine. She lost 125 pounds in 9 months!!! Check out http://www.essence.com/fashion_beauty/beauty/articles/essences_biggest_loser/ to read her story. Has anyone else tried this diet?

MAC's Friends and Family Sale ended yesterday. Best believe I bought some coveted items. I'm all over getting a discount on MAC items. I will update you guys on what I purchased. Also, I'm looking to buy a digital camera so that I can post pics of the looks I create. I am not a professional makeup artist (hopefully one day) but I love playing with makeup and experimenting with different colors. It's so much fun.

Is your brain healthy? Check out this site http://www.fitbrains.com/lifestyle/ to learn what is takes to acheive optimal brain health.

Best wishes

The Changing Beauty

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