May 31, 2009

Definition of a Perfecto...According to Dr. Phil McGraw

"These people have taken it upon themselves to be perfect, unlike the rest of us.  They present this objective as though it were a virture.  They have to be perfect.  In fact, their "mission statement: is characterized by arrogance and condescension.  They don't expect you to be perfect, only themselves.  Ergo, they are way better than you:  'You can be flawed, whil I must be pristine perfect.'  But because there is no perfection, these people are constantly frustrated.  They never, ever reach their standard.  Although their days are characterized by constant, unrealistic self-degradation and little joy, they brag, 'I am a perfectionist.' The world says, 'Get a life.'"  

Perfecto is one of the styles of engagement Dr. Phil outlines in his book, Life Strategies.  He mentioned over 20 styles, but the Perfecto describes me most.  No matter what I do or accomplish, I seem to never be satisfied with my performance.  I'm always looking for more or better.  I don't necessarily think this is totally negative in that it does provide for serious motivation.  However, being comfortable in your own skin and satisfied with who you are is even more important than striving to be the best at things that may bring artificial or surface success.

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