Jun 25, 2010

My Natural Hair Journey Thus Far....

Here is my journey....

My Permed Hair Years........




My Big Chop:  

Three Weeks after Big Chop:

Three Months Natural:

After the Club-6 Months!!

My Fro Blown Out at 7 Months!!

Twist Out at 8 months

Wedding Hair-2 Weeks Ago!!

My Afro Puff:

My hair is thriving.  It's soft and fluffy!!  Going natural is one of the best decision I have ever made.  I love my hair...it is all me just like it's supposed to be!  If you are thinking about going natural, please do it!  Yes, there have been ups and downs in my journey, but I do not regret the decision to stop harming my hair with chemicals.  Kinky/curly hair is beautiful.   The important part of the journey is learning about your hair, being patient with your hair, and accepting YOUR hair.  

Be Encouraged!

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