Sep 26, 2009

Finally...Pics of my BC!

I finally bought a digital camera.  Yay!!  As you all know, I BC'ed about 3 weeks ago and I am loving my hair...I have finally "grown into it."  I am happy to say that I have even noticed some growth in this short amount of time.  I'm excited to see how long my hair will be next May when I graduate!  I moisturize regularly, usually two times day.  I co-wash 4 times per week and wash every two weeks.  I recently bought Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and Black Vanilla Shampoo.  Be looking for reviews on those products soon. Here is my current regimen:

  • Co-wash 3 times per week.
  • Shampoo every two weeks
  • Moisturize morning and night (Using my homemade spritz, aphogee balancing moisturizer or hair milk, and then my own oil blend)
  • Deep conditioner once every week
  • Aphogee Protein Treatment every 6 weeks
To my surprise, I get these cute little coils over my head.  Love it!

The Back

Lovin the Coils!

The coils are not as defined in the front

I have a big forehead, LOL.

Be Encouraged!!!!!!


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